Our Team

Nico Evers

Director EARTH University | Council Member

Nico Evers is a Professor of Internships and the Director of the International Academic Relations Office. Evers, who is from The Netherlands, has 25 years of experience in international higher education and cooperation. Evers holds a Master of Science in Public Administration and started his career at the University of Amsterdam, where he held the positions of manager of international study programs, policy advisor for international affairs at central university administration level, interim director of a language institute and resident director of the CIEE Study Center in the Netherlands. He also worked for the Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC), where he worked on capacity building projects at universities in Guatemala and Tanzania and on various studies, consultancies, training courses and international projects. Most recently he worked for the Netherlands National Commission for UNESCO and is a PhD candidate at the Center for Internationalization of Education at the University of Groningen.