Thomas Hochstettler, Ph.D.

Past Chair | Executive Committee

Dr. Thomas Hochstettler recently retired as the President of the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, a research university focusing on advanced energy engineering. He studied history at Earlham College and the University of Michigan, held appointments at Stanford University and Bowdoin College. After becoming Associate Provost at Rice University in 1996, Rice sent him to Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany, as founding Academic Vice President. Hochstettler returned to the U.S. to head Lewis & Clark College, but went abroad again in 2009 to the American University of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates). In 2014 he joined The Petroleum Institute. He and his wife Marcia maintain a home in Portland, Oregon, and have three sons, each one a classic third-culture kid. He is an inveterate walker and plays the piano just for fun. Dr. Thomas has been an ISEP board member since 2010.