Our Team

Tiffany Gabbard

Assistant Director for Study Abroad California State University San Marcos | Council Member

I am currently approaching my 16th year as a study abroad advisor, having studied abroad in Siena, Italy through the UC Education Abroad program as an undergrad, and in London, England as a grad student. I love literature and writing, having earned my first Master’s degree in English, the second in Education for Student Affairs Leadership. Like everyone in the field of international education, I am enamored with the world, travel, and seeing the beauty of other cultures. Many of my own travels have become what I call “author treks,” wherein I seek to visit the homes of famous authors and get a glimpse of what their daily life and society must have been. (If I would’ve been allowed a 3rd or 4th major, I surely would have chosen History & Languages). I also love getting out into nature, working on language study, discovering local art/artisanry, shopping, cooking, and baking! I truly love being an advisor and seeing firsthand the transformative power of the study abroad experience in my students, and all the ways a simple glimpse of the world has really opened their minds, their possibilities, and their greater sense of purpose on the world stage.