About the Scholarship

With the generous support of The Annette Kade Fund, ISEP offers these scholarships to students at U.S. member or affiliate institutions who plan to study French or German while abroad.

These scholarships are meant to help students get more involved in their chosen host culture through immersion and interaction and are especially intended for students who show a sincere desire to learn new languages and demonstrate a financial need.

Who can apply?

You are eligible for this scholarship if you are a student at one of our U.S. member or affiliate institutions and are planning to study in French or German at a member institution in Austria, France, Germany, Reunion Island or Switzerland.

How much is awarded to scholarship recipients?

The independent ISEP Scholarship Committee awards scholarships in the range of US$500 to US$1,500 depending on commitment to language learning, demonstrated financial need and academics.

How to apply:

ISEP French and German Annette Kade Fund Scholarship Application

  • Please note that once you begin your application, you cannot leave the web page until you press ‘Submit’. Applications cannot be saved and you will not be able to return to a submitted application.
  • Once you submit your application, your home ISEP coordinator will receive an email to complete the Coordinator Endorsement Form.
  • Both your application and your coordinator’s endorsement form must be submitted by the deadline for your application to be considered.

Application Deadlines:

Applications for the Fall semester (August-December) or Summer must be submitted by March 15.

Applications for the Spring semester (January-June) must be submitted by September 22.

  • ISEP Coordinator Endorsement Forms are due one week after the scholarship deadline.


Please read the ISEP French and German Language Annette Kade Fund Scholarship Application Guide to review frequently asked questions.

Who to contact?

If you have any questions, please email the .

When Are Scholarships Awarded:

Spring 2021 scholarship recipients will be awarded in October 2020.