Study Abroad this Summer! ISEP Direct Summer 2019 Deadlines

Find out which study abroad programs are still available for this summer!


ISEP Digital Ambassadors Announced for Spring 2021

We are excited to announce this semester's ISEP Digital Ambassadors.


Study Abroad in Northern Ireland

Study abroad in Northern Ireland and walk in the footsteps of C.S. Lewis, see where the Titanic was built, and enjoy the Antrim Coast and Glens.

Row of people riding camels

10 Photos That Will Inspire You to Study Abroad

These photos were all submitted in the Spring 2016 ISEP Photo Contest, and were taken by ISEP students and alumni during their study abroad experience. They offer a little travel inspiration, and a fun look in to what your own experience could be like!

A fish market in Cambados, a town in Galicia

ISEP Student Stories: Sarah’s Spanish Photography Challenge

As part of her study abroad adventure, Sarah O'L set a goal for herself: overcome her fear of snapping photos of strangers!