“Here we gooooo!” – Germany (Photo by Meghan Reeson)

What Should I Pack? Study Abroad Essentials

How to pack when you study abroad for any period of time.


What to Pack for Studying Abroad in Germany

Here are some packing tips I wish I’d had before studying abroad in Germany.


Study Abroad Starter Guide: Packing Tips, Life and Adventures

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Here are things you definitely must pack in your suitcase to stay warm and dry in the beautiful temperate rainforest while studying in Alaska.


Studying abroad in Korea: Packing like a pro

ISEP student Catherine J. is a part of ISEP Voices Spring 2016. She is a dance and costuming double major from University of Memphis, and is studying arts and Korean culture while abroad at Ewha Womans University in Korea.


Packing Tips for your Backpacking Trip

One of the best opportunities to take advantage of while abroad is getting to know the natural assets of your host country but, wherever you go, there are several supplies you can’t forget.

Woman walking in Africa balancing goods and buckets on her head

Africa Abroad: How to Pack for the Unexpected

You are about to leave for your study abroad program. That terrible feeling sets in! You’ve forgotten something! Most likely you haven’t, but you are freaking out none the less. Don’t worry, your ever so helpful study abroad Program Officer is here to save the day (or at least try)!


Triumph in Traveling Solo

I am packing up my bags in an Airbnb in Budapest. My two travel buddies who have been with me the past week are packing up too, but with a different destination in sight. Today is the day I have to make it back to my host city in east France all the way from Hungary - alone. My stomach is in knots.

"A few kilometers or so below the Akosombo dam on Lake Volta, locals fish from canoes with line and hooks in the dark deep waters lying intermittent to the green hills.  My first journey in Ghana brought me here for a relaxing getaway.  From sunup these men could be seen on these waters tirelessly trying to bring in fish."

Study Abroad Guide: Ghana Edition

Whether you have traveled more times than you have fingers or never left the country, studying abroad can be such an adventure. From packing and catching flights to landing and discovering the city, there is a lot to know when preparing for Ghana.

Swiss Alps

The Best Perk of Studying in the Center of Europe

Learn how Madeleine K packed up her snow gear, snacks and hiking boots, and boarded a train from Bern to Grindelwald to see the Swiss Alps.