We have a thorough emergency action and communications plan in addition to established protocols for potential crisis situations. The ISEP network (made up ISEP staff and ISEP Coordinators at both host and home universities) will enact the plans as needed to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our students.

Perceptions of News Reported Abroad

Families and friends of students abroad should be aware that natural disasters or political events such as strikes in the student’s host country may be reported in the news. News accounts often give a distorted picture of events and may alarm family members and friends. We ask that ISEP students keep in touch with their loved ones, especially during emergency or crisis situations, in order to give those back home a better sense of the local environment. In addition, the host ISEP Coordinator and your country’s assigned ISEP Student Services Officer, are both a prime source of information and support for you during these times. Health and safety is our number one priority. Our dedicated staff will keep you and your emergency contacts informed in the case of unusual events, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks or strikes.

For up-to-date information on how we deal with emergency and crisis incidents, we encourage all students, parents and members to be familiar with the following: