Our Story

Founded in 1979 at Georgetown University, we became an independent non-profit organization in 1997 and are now one of the largest study abroad membership networks in the world.

As a trusted educational community, we are committed to helping students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad. In partnership with our member institutions, we’re able to connect students to high-quality, academic programs at more than 300 universities in over 50 countries.

Regardless of academic major, socio-economic status and geographic location, we believe no one should be held back from being able to study abroad. Since our foundation, we have sent over 56,000 students abroad.

Our Team and Governance

How it works

We directly enroll our students into classes at our member institutions because we value the full immersion that can only come from living and learning alongside locals. Our direct enrollment model broadens academic understanding as students engage in a curriculum presented through perspectives different from their home country.

Furthermore, by utilizing existing academic resources at our member universities, we provide students access to affordable, high-quality programs that in return, help develop culturally sensitive skill sets needed for today’s global workforce.

Our Pillars