The Transformative Power of Study Abroad in the Global South 

June 17, 2024

In a world where interconnectedness and cultural intelligence are essential skills for success, studying abroad in the Global South presents a unique opportunity for students to develop these competencies. Partnering with our Global South members to design programs in Latin America, Asia, Africa and The Middle East ensures students obtain immersive experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning. 

Engaging with Diverse Cultures and Perspectives

One key benefit of studying in the Global South is engaging with diverse cultures and perspectives. By living and learning alongside local communities, students gain a deeper understanding of global issues and develop empathy and cross-cultural communication skills. These experiences enhance their academic experience, prepare them to navigate an increasingly interconnected world, and expose them to the socio-economic realities facing emerging markets. From participating in community development projects to interning with local companies, students have the chance to make a meaningful impact locally while gaining valuable hands-on experience. 

Shaping Future Global Leaders

At ISEP Study Abroad, we are committed to providing students with exceptional opportunities to become global citizens. Whether they choose to immerse themselves in the vibrant cultures and environments of the Global South or explore other regions, our overarching goal remains unwavering: to equip students with the essential skills and transformative experiences needed to navigate and conquer the challenges of the 21st century. By investing in study abroad programs that prioritize immersion, cultural exchange, and community engagement, we are preparing students to become leaders and change-makers for the future. 

Ethical Collaboration

As an active member of the Forum on Education Abroad, ISEP Study Abroad follows the Standards of Good Practice (2020) for creating inclusive educational communities. We seek to reverse historical colonial practices in our field. The Forum on Education Abroad’s Voices of the South (Rizotti and Cruz-Feliziano, 2023) offers a collection of essays in which authors advocate for educational practices that seek to create a more solidarity-based approach to learning. At ISEP, this means our members are equal partners, and students are immersed in local pedagogy and customs. Whether engaging in internships, volunteer experiences, or other forms of experiential learning, local partners drive the conversation, set the objectives, and define the parameters. The ISEP Board of Directors and Council of Advisors includes members from around the world, including voices from the Global South and from Minority Serving and Historically Black Institutions. 

Thank you for your continued support of ISEP Study Abroad as we collaborate to prepare students to become global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. 

Leyha Williams - ISEP Student in Spring 2023

“My study abroad experience in Ghana was full of moments that showed me who I was. Interacting with locals, pushing my personal boundaries, and learning about the history of West Africa gave me a perspective that I just wouldn’t have access to if I didn’t live there. Most importantly, I learned that we are all a lot more connected than we are different, and I saw that when we put those differences aside, we can create bonds that last a lifetime.”

From Howard University to the University of Ghana 

Johanna Huber – ISEP Student in Fall 2023

“I’ve been wanting to go to Latin America for a long time, and ultimately Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the best option with my International Relations major. My most interesting class in Argentina was a service-learning seminar called Urban Inequalities where we got to volunteer across various charities in Buenos Aires.”

From Northern Arizona University to Universidad del Salvador

ISEP students engaged in the Sustainability & Service-Learning Summer Program in Costa Rica.