Love Letters to ISEP

February 13, 2013

As a consequence of social media and cell phones’ ubiquitous popularity, writing letters and passing notes are now things of the past. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share some of the love letters we’ve received from our secret, and not-so-secret admirers: you!

Dear ISEP,

Love makes you do crazy things.
Love makes you do crazy things.
  • “I chose [you] mainly because of the variety of program areas offered. I felt like the whole world was opened up to me. My academic experience was great. The teachers atThammasat Universitywere someof the most knowledgeable and approachable teachers of my entire college career.” – Joseph Vazquez, University of North Georgia to Thammasat University, Thailand
  • “I never imagined having my dream come true, due to my economic status, but [you] made it possible and I am forever thankful. My family and friends are so proud of me. ISEP gave me the best opportunities!” – Stephanie Delgado, Texas A&M International University to Mälardalen University, Sweden
  • “I met with some people who studied abroad with [you]. Whenever they spoke about their experiences they always had nostalgic smiles on their faces. They told me that it was best experience of their lives so far.” – Liliya Fatykhova, American University of Bulgaria to Northern Arizona University, USA
  • “I learned to depend on myself. I am now confident working on my own, and through ISEP I have grown up!” – Neo Modise, University of Botswana to Montana State University, USA
  • “Not only did I learn a lot in the classroom, but I also learned a lot about myself and I have become a much more confident and well-rounded person.” – Kia Lidster, Thompson Rivers University to University of Tennessee Chattanooga, USA
  • “The most positive thing about my experience is the amount of self confidence I gained. It takes a lot of courage to talk to someone you don’t know in a language in which you’re not fluent, and that’ssomething I left the United States without and that I came back with. And what’s more, my ability to communicate in and understand French is ten million times better.” – Rhevyn Clegg, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University to Université des Antilles et de la Guyane, French Antilles
  • “I learned how to be independent, find my own way around, get to know a country and culture, and I became much more confident. I wouldn’t say I’m a different person after my semester in Chile, but I am definitely a stronger and better me.” – Kimberly Johnson, Roanoke College to Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile
We love you too.
We love you too.
  • “I chose [you] because your programs provide me with a more challenging study abroad experience, and allow me to be much more independent while living in my host country. I wanted to be able to immerse myself in a different culture, and make my own experience in New Zealand. [You] gave me the freedom and independence to do all of that.” – Lindsey Quakenbush, Indiana University of Pennsylvania to Massey University, New Zealand
  • “My ISEP experience was more thanI could have ever imagined! This is something I will carry with me, and influence me for the rest of my life.” – Danielle Swanson, New Mexico State University to Debrecen University, Hungary
  • “I am proud to mention the semester I spent abroad on my résumé. I increased my language skills and my capacity to cope with another culture.” – Résumé Ready
  • “I decided that I really wanted to be fully immersed in the Australian culture and the ISEP Direct Program fit my needs perfectly.” – Elizabeth Bowen, Ball State University to Macquarie University, Australia
  • “It is an immersive program that doesn’t “Americanize” my experience abroad. I fully adapted to another culture, which is very important to me because I wanted to experience different cultures to their fullest.” – Captivated by Culture
  • “I liked the idea of integrating with Europeans instead of traveling in a massive pack of Americans, and [you] still offered me enough structure so I felt comfortable.” – David Bernier, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University to Wroclaw University, Poland
  • “I came into my studyabroad program as an American citizen, and I am leaving it as a citizen of the world with an American passport.” – Eric Mortensen, University of Iowa to Lulea University of Technology, Sweden Love, ISEP students everywhere

Thanks for sharing the love, guys! You mean the world to us.

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