Study Abroad: 5 Things To Consider

November 9, 2015

Studying abroad is a big decision. There are so many things to consider - academics, finances, location, housing and more. With a growing list, and hundreds of schools to choose from, this can be overwhelming.  One way to help narrow down your study abroad selection is to first figure out what you like and don’t like. Figuring out your preferences will help you weed out countries or universities that might not match your needs.  So get out a pen, read the blog and jot down your five study abroad must-haves.

1. City size

Camille Delplace, Eckerd, Florida, USA3

Do you imagine yourself studying in a big city, surrounded by by commerce, industry and fashion? Or a small town where you know everyone and you’re part of a close-knit community?

2. Campus size

Study Abroad with ISEP

Would you thrive more academically at a large institution with lecture style-courses, or a smaller institution with tons of opportunities to interact with professors?

3. Housing

“Learning to make bread with my host cousin and grandma!” - ISEP student Olivia B.

Do you want to stay in a homestay, dormitory or apartment? A homestay lets you be constantly surrounded by local culture, and can be very helpful if you’re looking to learn a language. A dormitory or apartment allows you to be constantly surrounded by other students, both international and domestic. Think about what goals you have for your study abroad experience and what option would help lead to achieving those goals.

4. Travel Opportunities

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Whether you’d like to travel around your host country or to an entirely new country, consider if you’ll have easy access to public transportation of some sort. Will it be cheap or costly? What’s the exchange rate in that country? How long will it take you to travel to key destinations? Many students do weekend trips in order to not miss class, so determining how long it takes to get to one place to another might be a big factor. Obviously this consideration is a lot easier when you have already narrowed down study abroad locations.

5. Excursions

Hadley 3

Some of our study abroad programs offer planned excursions included in your program fee. Others offer excursions as an add-on option. Think about if you would like to have a planned trip during your time abroad, or if you would rather plan your own trips. In addition, if you would prefer to spend most of your time in your host city, make sure you’re not paying for more. Our ISEP Direct programs are great for students looking to customize their study abroad experience.

No matter what, we’ve got a university that fits your needs. With access to over 320 institutions in more than 50 countries, you’ll have the ability to study any major. Contact us so we can help you study abroad.

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