MOOCs: An International Experience... at Home

February 27, 2013

Here at ISEP, we’re all about access and giving students like you (that’s right, YOU) the opportunity to study abroad, stretch your boundaries, grow as a person, and well… learn something. That’s why we’re super excited that three ISEP member institutions–Universiteit Leiden, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and the Chinese University of Hong Kong–are now offering a selection of courses online for FREE! Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are a fantastic way for students to get some quality education from universities all around the world at minimal cost. All you need is some time, motivation, and an internet connection. This means that you can nab a sneak-peek at what classes might be like at a host institution before leaving for study abroad, or (if you’re feeling nostalgic) continue your international learning endeavors long after you’ve returned from your semester overseas.

The best part about these MOOCs? Learning from a culture other than your own is still an international experience, despite the fact that you may never leave the comfort of your couch. So even if studying abroad isn’t an option for you, you reap the benefits of an international education! If you’re ready to get in on this free education phenomenon, ask yourself these questions to maximize your global MOOC:

student at computer stock photo
“Gee, learning from an international university sure is swell! I can’t wait to study abroad and take more classes from this university, with the added bonus of cultural immersion. Neat-o!”
  1. How do courses taught by a culture other than your own challenge or change your thinking?
  2. How do different cultures represent or discuss the same or similar ideas?
  3. How does comparing different cultural perspectives on the same topic help deepen your learning?
  4. If you study abroad in the country of the institution offering the MOOC, what kind of added complexities does full cultural immersion bring into the mix?
  5. How does full cultural immersion further work to broaden your understanding of the subjects you are studying?

If you’re feeling adventurous, take an international MOOC of your own! Get a preview of what studying at the following ISEP member universities could be like:

Still looking for the perfect place to study abroad? Remember to check out all of ISEP’s member institutions (more than 340!), both in the United States and across the globe.

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