5 Grateful Students With Big Goals

November 28, 2016

Twenty-one ISEP students are filled with overwhelming gratitude this week. Why? Because they are receiving an ISEP Community Scholarship or ISEP Founders Fellowship for Spring 2017. While each of them looks forward to the challenges inherent to living and studying in a new country, for five of them, their ISEP program is one part of a larger plan. Here are their stories with bigger dreams beyond study abroad.

Bry`anne Robbins

Bry`anne from Louisiana State University will be studying abroad at Hanyang University in South Korea.

“My current goals are to pursue a career in the sports industry in South Korea and eventually start my own business there as well. Studying abroad at Hanyang University next semester is the first step to achieving my goals. I hope to find an internship to gain experience in the South Korean sports industry. After my time abroad I plan to move South Korea to pursue another degree to further my studies and also to start my career in sports. Working at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang, Korea is also a long term goal of mine. This study abroad experience will be the catalyst to a series of events which will enable me to achieve my goals.”

Corey Frazier

Corey from Virginia Commonwealth University will be studying abroad at University of Jyväskylä in Finland.

“I dream to one day be a world-class basketball coach and I plan to use this study abroad experience as a huge stepping stone towards achieving that. When I go abroad, I plan to learn as much as possible about sports science, but from a different perspective. One where the most popular sports aren’t basketball or football, and because of that their focus in exercise and sports science will be completely different than the ones found at my home university. If I can combine that knowledge, with my knowledge from home, I believe I not only can become the basketball coach I want to be, but also innovate basketball and sports as a whole.”

Denisa Krasna

Denisa from Masaryk University will be studying abroad at Western Washington University in the United States.

“I am a master’s student of North-American Culture Studies. The program focuses mostly on minorities and ethnicity in the North American region, with special emphasis on identities and alterity. I focused my BA thesis on the assimilation of Native Americans in the 19th century. By studying in the U.S., I hope to deepen my understanding of American society, but also to achieve my academic goals. As I am also considering applying for Ph.D. in American studies, I cannot imagine any better experience for me in progressing towards this goal.”

Brendan Anderson

Brendan from University of Regina is studying abroad at Université de la Réunion on Reunion Island.

“I believe a solid cultural understanding is essential to anyone hoping to contribute to development in any region. French is spoken in many developing countries, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to use my language skills throughout a career in development. I am hoping to gain insights and experience related to international development that I would never find at home. I am currently volunteering with Engineers Without Borders Canada, promoting international development and national EWB interests within the community. I hope to bring new insights and experiences back that can contribute to the EWB community and spark peoples’ interests and passions.”

Samantha Galvan

Samantha from University of the Pacific is studying abroad at American University in Bulgaria.

“I have a passion to help others, and this passion has lead me to be a psychology major. I am also currently taking courses to fulfill prerequisites for medical school. I chose to be a psychology major because I plan to work with children with special needs. Once I started taking psychology courses, I felt like I could do more and push myself further. I then decided to take medical prerequisites. I feel that taking these courses will give me so many more opportunities. My goal is to help people in need. I feel that going to medical school will allow me to understand the disabilities I am interested in and will also help me guide others and understand them better. My ultimate goal is to become a Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician. … Being someone who plans on pursuing a career in the medical field, it is important for me to learn to adapt to new cultures and environments.”

These students are receiving an ISEP Community Scholarship or ISEP Founders Fellowship because of the generosity of the ISEP Community who contributed to our Student Scholarship Programs.

Each year on Giving Tuesday (the first Tuesday following the U.S. Thanksgiving Day holiday), ISEP Community members are encouraged to give back to ISEP with a financial contribution for these scholarships. No amount is too small. One hundred percent of your generosity is invested in a future member of the Community.

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