4 Reasons Why Studying in Thailand Will Help You Change the World

November 29, 2016

Thinking about where to study abroad? ISEP Program Officer Anthony Ciero has a couple reasons why Thailand might be the place for you!

Discover the rich culture of Thailand while meeting the people who are known for their hospitality. Thammasat University offers courses in English in an exotic location, perfect for adventure and independence.

1. Thammasat was created to serve Thailand and its people

Thammasat was founded as a political science and ethics university. Their guiding philosophy is “to uphold academic excellence, services to society, promotion of arts and culture, social equality and social justice…” As the second oldest higher education institute in Thailand, they take that mandate seriously. The university has a long tradition of educating Thailand’s top politicians, and has a strong service element in its curriculum.

2. Thammasat emphasizes social awareness

Thammasat requires all their degree-seeking students to take a service learning class. The curriculum has had students educating the homeless, creating public service announcements, and building kindergartens. International students can also take this class, and have volunteer opportunities outside of class, too.

3. You’re not just on the outside looking in

When you’re learning how to serve a community, you want to be invested in it. Most students at Thammasat live in, and commute from, off-campus apartments in Bangkok - living, eating, and commuting through the vibrant capital’s local community. When you get to campus, you’ll be studying alongside Thai students. That’s because part of Thammasat’s internationalization strategy is to offer a host of programs in English for both Thai and International students.

4. There’s a program for you

With eight English-taught programs in multiple concentrations, chances are, you’ll have a chance to become a better person, all while taking the classes you need.

Have questions? Contact Anthony Ciero, ISEP Program Officer, for more details.

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