How to Study in France and Take Courses in English

December 14, 2016

As I write this post, I am sitting in my hotel in Chambéry, where the Université Savoie Mont Blanc is located. I’ve spent the entire day speaking to program directors here and learning about the various programs open to ISEP students. Some of the most popular programs are those that offer a mix of regular university courses in English with about three to six U.S. credit hours of French language and civilization courses.

Student in Savoie, France looking out on the French Alps.
Student in Savoie, France looking out on the French Alps.

ISEP France offers many programs for students looking for a French language component, while still taking courses in English towards their major or electives. Read on to see just what ISEP France has to offer. I’ve put together a list of programs that teach in English in France.

A picture of the mountains just outside the Universite de Savoie Mont Blanc, France.
A picture of the mountains just outside the Universite de Savoie Mont Blanc, France.

Tips for choosing courses in English in France

  1. Upper-level undergraduate students can enroll in graduate-level courses M1 or M2, as long as they have the prerequisites.
  2. Students can mix and match courses from any field of study to create a full course load. Keep in mind, we encourage flexibility in choosing programs, as timetables vary among departments.
  3. Selecting a beginner-to-intermediate French level is still strongly recommended for non-native French speakers. Many universities do not offer French for complete beginners. Please email me if you are interested in one of these programs and have little to no French language training.

English Offerings by Field of Study

Business and Marketing in English

English Literature and Culture in English - Typically taught for non-native English speakers

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Outdoor Sports/Sales and Marketing

Law and Political Science

International Studies

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - STEM Programs

Courses Taught in English By French University

Université d’Angers

  • English Literature and culture
  • Tourism and hospitality management
  • Business management and economics
  • Geography
  • Chemistry - limited

Université Grenoble Alpes

  • Business, management and law
  • Earth and environmental science
  • Engineering
  • Geography, urban and regional planning
  • Health sciences, life sciences and chemistry
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Physics and materials science

Aix-Marseille Université

  • Business management and economics - Fall semester only
  • Law/Political science
  • International studies

Université Savoie Mont Blanc

  • English literature and culture
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Business management and marketing
  • Outdoor sports sales/marketing
  • STEM (various courses – email to inquire)

Université de Caen

  • Business management
  • Marketing

Lille 3 – Université Charles de Gaulle

  • English literature and culture
  • Philosophy

Université de Nantes

  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Biology and biochemisty
  • English language and literature

Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Rennes

  • Law/Political sciences

Université de Nice

  • Business management and marketing

Université du Havre

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Law/Political science
  • Renewable Energy - Fall semester only

If you have more questions and are interested in studying abroad in a French speaking country, feel free to reach out to me, Lindsay Moats at

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