Top ISEP Psychology Programs in Australia

September 8, 2017

Check out our top programs for ways to study abroad and find the courses you need for your major. We’ve put together a list of some of our top psychology programs in Australia.

La Trobe University

  • Location: outside Melbourne
  • What we love about it: La Trobe University is one of Australia’s leading universities and has a worldwide reputation for academic excellence and innovation. The University offers an exceptional student-to-staff ratio, ensuring students receive the academic support they need to succeed in a safe and supportive environment. The student population and community on campus is diverse, multicultural and accepting. This diversity provides an exciting background for students who wish to experience the Australian way of life. With strong links to the Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre, La Trobe offers a unique subject dedicated to understanding autism spectrum disorders. Field placements in psychology are also available for undergraduates.
  • Psychology specializations: clinical psychology, health psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral neuroscience, neuropsychology and social psychology; also human-animal relationships.
  • Psychology department video
  • Psychology department website
  • Accreditations: APAC
  • ISEP program offerings at La Trobe University

Western Sydney University

  • Location: outside Sydney
  • What we love about it: Western Sydney University is a world-class university with a growing international reach and reputation for academic excellence and impact-driven research. Western Sydney University received a rating of four (above world standard) in the recent Excellence in Research for Australia 2015 evaluation in the field of psychology. Its active research programs attract national competitive funding in biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, health, learning, social and perceptual psychology.
  • Popular subfields: Social psychology, cognitive processes, motivation and emotion
  • Psychology department video
  • Psychology department website
  • Accreditations: APAC
  • ISEP program offerings at Western Sydney University

University of Canberra

  • Location: Canberra, Australia’s capital city
  • What we love about it: The University of Canberra is a highly regarded regional university in Australia’s capital city. With about 13,000 students, UC is a vibrant campus, home to a close-knit community of local, interstate and international students. Lectures are held in purpose-designed, modern lecture theatres fully equipped with multimedia facilities. For each lecture, students attend a tutorial (small, interactive study group supervised by a tutor) where they discuss the lecture and receive personal assistance from teaching staff. With a focus on applied psychology and research, undergraduate psychology courses at UC introduce students to the latest theory, practice, and research in a diverse range of areas, including developmental, physiological, social, personality, learning, cognitive and many others. Students can also choose elective units in exercise psychology, health psychology, and forensic psychology.
  • Popular subfields: Health psychology, sports psychology and counseling theory
  • Psychology department website
  • Accreditations: APAC
  • ISEP program offerings at University of Canberra

University of Southern Queensland

  • Location: Toowoomba, two hours from Brisbane
  • What we love about it: Toowoomba’s campus is within two hours drive of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland. The School of Psychology and Counselling is dedicated to developing accredited psychology and human services professionals. The School’s focus is on teaching, research, and engagement of the highest standard to ensure that graduates have relevant knowledge and transferable skills to address complex problems. The School of Psychology and Counselling is a leader in incorporating work-integrated learning and applied research in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs through collaboration with a wide range of employers and community organizations.
  • Psychology specializations: Counseling psychology, developmental and child psychology
  • Pyschology department website
  • Accreditations: APAC
  • ISEP program offerings at University of Southern Queensland

For more information about studying in Australia, feel free to reach out to our Student Advisor for Australia, Anthony Ciero.

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