Fashion Adventures in Sharjah

February 27, 2017

Fashion has always been an important part of my life, and in Sharjah I would have to adjust to a public dress code for the first time. Although I was apprehensive about this at first, I changed my mindset and decided to view this as an opportunity to look at fashion differently. I took this on as an exciting fashion challenge.

To be respectful of the culture in Sharjah, it is best for women to wear tops that at least cover your shoulders and cleavage. For bottoms, they should at least cover your knees.

When I first found out about this expected dress code, I immediately thought about how hot it gets in the U.A.E. and wondered how I could possibly keep myself cool with so much skin covered.

While shopping for clothes for the U.A.E., I made sure I picked lots of lightweight blouses, loose trousers and maxi skirts. I also made sure to pick pieces that would most likely be easy to match to other articles of clothing. I also looked for light colored clothing such as whites, creams and pastel colors to keep me cool. I also wear turbans in order to protect my hair from the blazing sun.

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