9 Most Popular Summer Study Abroad Destinations

April 13, 2017

If you want to study abroad next summer, here are some of the most popular global destinations:

1. France

Enrich your global perspective next summer. Study abroad in France, and you’ll have an abundance of exciting cultural events, glorious museums and fantastic food right at your fingertips.

2. Spain

If you don’t yet know how you’re going to spend your summer, study abroad in Spain! Enjoying tapas, exploring beaches and learning how to speak Spanish for a summer is definitely worthwhile.

3. The United Kingdom

Explore London’s vibrant and dynamic culture for a summer or spend your time exploring the great outdoors of Northern Ireland. Study abroad in the U.K., and experience fascinating and ancient traditions while enjoying a modern and diverse community.

4. Japan

Next summer, study abroad in Japan, and immerse yourself in an innovative and high-energy environment. Gain fluency in the language, meet and befriend welcoming locals, and enjoy some of the world’s finest cuisine and culture.

5. Italy

Italy is one of the most glorious countries in Europe. With fabulous granita, dozens of festivals, and breathtakingly romantic scenery, there is no better way to spend a summer. Study abroad in Italy, and discover a rich and friendly culture you’ll always cherish.

6. Germany

If you’re looking for a fabulously modern yet charmingly picturesque destination next summer, study abroad in Germany!

7. South Korea

If you want an unforgettable summer, study abroad in South Korea! With stunning beaches, bustling metropolitan cities, a beautiful countryside and some of the world’s best barbecue, South Korea offers student travelers an experience they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives.

8. Finland

For outdoor enthusiasts looking for a fantastic place to spend the summer, study abroad in Finland! Discover the wonders of this fascinating Nordic country while studying in a world-class academic institution. If you’re looking for a vibrant, innovative, and diverse country with idyllic scenery and small-town charm, Finland might be the place for you.

9. New Zealand

For a refreshing mix of familiarity and diversity, this summer, study abroad in New Zealand. Nature lovers will enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities. When you’re not in class, you can spend your days zip lining across Adrenalin Forest, hiking Roy’s Peak and relaxing by a campfire in Rimutaka Park!

"During the entirety of my study abroad, there are four moments that I consider most memorable and life changing. Hiking up Roy’s Peak sits at number two on that list. We climbed 5,177 feet in five miles. It’s safe to say that it was 99% uphill! I am so thankful that my friend Jessi stayed with me the whole way. She could see the pain in my eyes and encouraged me to focus on one foot at a time. We began hiking in snow halfway up the mountain. Once I finally looked up from staring at my shuffling feet, my heart stopped. All of New Zealand is incredibly beautiful, but nothing beats the views from Roy’s Peak. Wanaka looked exactly what utopia would look like. Happiness, peacefulness and pure love flooded my heart. Sitting on top of Roy’s Peak with lifelong friends was an experience I won\’t forget." || Photo by #ISEPStudyAbroad student @madeleine.bong from @ducpenguins, who studied abroad at @masseyuni in #NewZealand. #royspeak #newzealand #newzealandnatural #travelstoke #studentnomad #passionpassport #collegetourist #studyabroad #travel

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