5 Tips for Students Returning Home From Study Abroad

May 31, 2017

The months have seemed to fly by, it feels like you’ve known these new friends all your life, and you can’t imagine leaving so soon. But your time abroad is drawing to an end. Memories scatter your room; the wristband from when you went to the zoo, the photos you had printed with all your friends, the last minute list of things to do for school. But how can you end your trip on the best note possible?

1. Pack up, but make room for souvenirs

Before you pack up the exact items you brought with you and leave room for nothing new, go through your things. If you have clothes you don’t want to take home, donate them. If you can’t take all of your bedding home, give it to friends. And with all that extra space in your suitcase, fill it up with some tacky tourist gifts or that gift for your mom you spent months choosing.

2. Make sure you visited all the places you wanted to go

There is nothing worse than getting home and regretting not going somewhere. So make plans to eat at that famous sushi restaurant, or buy a day ticket to the zoo. Take a quick road trip to that one beach you didn’t make it to, even fly to New Zealand if you have the time and money. Now is the time.

3. Get your friends’ contact information

Do not go home and forget about your friends! At the very least, friend them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. International phone calls can be expensive, but Facebook is always free. Keep in touch with the people you have met here – you never know who will become your best friend on the other side of the world.

4. Have your travel sorted out

If you’re anything like me, your dad is probably booking your flight. Make sure you know what time and what gate your flight is at, and get to the airport early. It’s probably best to avoid public transportation if you have tons of luggage, so make plans for a friend to drive you or reserve a taxi to get to the airport a few hours before your flight.

5. Celebrate

Have a going away party with your friends. Go to your favorite restaurant or bar, or just hang out at home. Celebrate the good times you all had together. Take pictures and make some last minute memories. These are the days you will always remember.

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