ISEP Announces New Board Members

May 23, 2017

ARLINGTON, Va. — ISEP President John Lucas, PhD announced two additions to ISEP’s board of directors, the governing body of the global non-profit. The nominees were recently approved by the current board.

Juan A. Tobias, Ph.D. – President of Universidad del Salvador (Argentina)

Sanford J. Ungar – International Journalist and Educator

ISEP member university president, Tobias, has been an advocate for partnerships between higher education institutions for many years. As the former board deputy member of the International Association of Universities, Tobias understands the true value of ISEP’s mission. Ungar, as past president of Goucher College, former dean of the School of Communication at American University and international journalist, adds a multidimensional point of view.

“As a membership organization, the Board will benefit from the invaluable viewpoint and judgement Tobias will contribute. The Board has much to gain from Ungar’s leadership in higher education, as well as broadcasting and international journalism. Our new board members provide a broad experience and unique perspectives that are crucial, as our board thrives on differing yet complementary experiences,” said John Lucas.

ISEP’s Board of Directors is comprised of university presidents, faculty members, senior leaders in international education, and non-profit and business leaders dedicated to ISEP’s core values of accessibility, diversity, affordability, quality and collaboration in international education. Their commitment to ISEP’s mission of facilitating student mobility for academic and cross-cultural learning is unparalleled. Board members have experience living and working in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America, reflecting the global diversity of the ISEP community.

Press contact: Mary Catherine Chase, Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships at

ISEP is a non-profit educational community dedicated to helping students overcome academic and financial barriers to study abroad. Made up of over 330 member colleges and universities from 54 countries around the world, we work together to help provide students access to affordable, high-quality programs, that in return, help develop culturally sensitive skill sets needed for today’s global workforce.

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