Where to Study Abroad in Australia

June 26, 2017

Where to Study Abroad in Australia? Here Are Five Excellent Universities Choices.

Regardless of your chosen field of study, Australia offers an abundance of opportunities for academic enrichment and professional experience. If you’ve decided to make Australia your study abroad destination, you will have a wealth of exceptional schools to choose from. Here are some of the very best universities located in the land down under.

La Trobe University – Bundoora (Melbourne) Australia

As one of Australia’s premier universities for biology studies and health sciences, La Trobe University delivers world-class curricula, state-of-the-art research facilities and a driven student population. Consistently ranked within the top two percent of universities across the globe, La Trobe has been at the forefront of academic research and scientific innovation for the past 50 years. The Bundoora campus – the flagship site – is located in a suburb of Melbourne, one of the most progressive and exciting cities in Australia. Students have a huge array of activities, sights and events to choose from – from enjoying the famous nightlife at Melbourne CBD to taking advantage of the increasingly abundant free concerts at the famous Tote Hotel.

University of Southern Queensland – Toowoomba, Australia

Students who want to study abroad in Australia and wish to pursue their M.B.A. will definitely want to consider the University of Southern Queensland. Boasting one of the premier business programs in Australia, USQ offers an immersive curriculum and a broad spectrum of study options, including online and distance learning. Additionally, USQ is one of Australia’s most diverse student populations. With its commitment to providing support to indigenous students and fostering an inclusive and positive culture, USQ offers the top indigenous studies program in Australia. Moreover, Toowoomba is home to a fantastic assortment of activities – from local theater productions to a diverse array of outdoor markets.

University of Technology Sydney – Sydney, Australia

The University of Technology Sydney provides one of the world’s leading computer and information sciences undergraduate programs. With its commitment to offering practical and career oriented courses, students are given a significant professional advantage post-graduation. Located in Sydney adjacent to the main public transportation hub, students have easy access to some of the world’s most fascinating neighborhoods and beautiful beaches.

University of Canberra – Bruce (Canberra), Australia

With one of Australia’s foremost international studies programs, the University of Canberra helps students pursue careers in foreign service, international business or economics. With its global focus and dedication to communal, work-integrated learning, UC boasts 90 percent graduate employment and provides students with a unique springboard to a diverse assortment of professional endeavors. Canberra is also home to a stunning botanical garden and the National Gallery of Australia, which houses Australia’s greatest collections of classic and contemporary art.

Western Sydney University – Sydney, Australia

Students of film and theater might want to consider Western Sydney University, one of Australia’s top 20 schools for creative and performing arts. With its global reach, diverse campus and metropolitan location, WSU provides a comprehensive arts education with exceptional television and radio production facilities. Sydney also has an abundance of cultural resources to enjoy – from the famous Sydney Opera House to a thriving theater scene. Students have the opportunity to expand their creative horizons in one of the world’s most beautiful, sophisticated cities.

No matter what course of study you decide to pursue, Australian universities offer internationally respected programs that will give you a significant professional advantage. With ISEP, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an increasingly diverse and exciting world, rich with history, culture and unforgettable experiences. To learn more about how you can study abroad in Australia, please visit our search page.

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