Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology joins ISEP Exchange Programs

December 16, 2016

Arlingon, VA — NMIT, located in Nelson, New Zealand, has signed a partnership agreement, becoming an ISEP Exchange member. They are also the host of ISEP Direct programs.

The ISEP team is very excited about the new partnership with NMIT because of subjects offered by the institution. NMIT expressed their need for a study abroad partner that will be able to build their outward mobility from scratch. NMIT is ISEP’s first member on the South Island, which is an amazing place for adventure tourism. Students will be especially excited about this new edition to our membership because of the stunning location, the free excursions offered by the university and all of the amazing activities available on the island.

About ISEP: ISEP is the largest study abroad network in the world, dedicated to helping students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad. Through ISEP, students build real connections and gain a true understanding of what it is like to live in another culture. By utilizing existing academic resources at our partner universities, we are able to provide students access to affordable, high-quality programs, that in return help develop culturally sensitive skill sets needed for today’s global workforce.

About NMIT: Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology is a high-quality government owned tertiary education provider which is based in Nelson, New Zealand.

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