Being a Brave Adventurer Abroad

March 26, 2018

For years I have read adventure books set in times and worlds different from our own: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson. These characters perform daring acts to help the people in their world from some dark power. For a long time I envied these characters; I wanted an adventure of my own. I wanted to show the world, and more importantly myself, that I could be victorious against any number of evils and still be better than I was before. But our society tells us that young girls should be looking pretty and finding a boyfriend.

Pffffft, please. A boyfriend is definitely not at the top of my list. I have been scouting for, desiring after an adventure of my own. While there is no Dark Lord or ancient God for me to battle on this adventure, some might say I am battling something even scarier. Something that everyone has of their own and keeps them from doing the things that might help them to grow the most.

The Comfort Zone.

I know, I know, please try not to scream too loudly. Someone’s comfort zone is the thing that keeps people where they are, surrounded only by the people that are like them. It’s what keeps people from going on adventures. Our world can definitely be a scary place, and fear keeping you from going places you have never been and stopping you from learning is a tragedy like any that Shakespeare wrote.

Now I am living in a country with a different language and I’m meeting people from all corners of the world. Only for a short time do I get to be here and do these things. I have been across the sea from my home for just a month, and already I have traveled with others and on my own. Every day I am thankful for the strength it took to not let my comfort zone get in the way of my adventure, because I was absolutely terrified when I first set off. Let’s not pretend otherwise, I was shaking in my ripped converse, wondering whether I was making the right decision to come here.

No decision could have been more fitting for what I need at this time of my life.

I need what every young girl needs, a place to prosper and grow with a little danger along the way just to keep us on our toes. To roll with the punches thrown at us and to always get back up, no matter how long it takes. To show the world that we need strong women, and men alike, to continue the good things this world has to offer.

So go explore, have an adventure, be the person you read about in books because we need more of them in our real world.

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