13 ISEP Students Receive Annette Kade Language Learning Scholarships

December 5, 2018

ISEP announced the recipients of the Annette Kade Scholars for spring and full year 2019 programs who will study at French or German speaking ISEP Member Institutions.

The Annette Kade Scholarships are awarded twice annually to students from ISEP Member Institutions across the U.S. Through an essay-based application and endorsement from their home institutions, Annette Kade Scholars are awarded scholarships based on their demonstrated financial need and determination to advance their language-learning skills while immersed in an academic setting.

“The Annette Kade Scholarships is a long-term commitment for ISEP, and we’re honored to administer these awards each year – supporting our value of language learning as well as our mission to expand access and affordability across study abroad programs,” said John Lucas, ISEP President and CEO.

A grant from the Annette Kade Fund provides support for the scholarships which range between US$500 and US$1,500 per award. Since 2002, more than 475 ISEP students have received an Annette Kade Scholarship.

Annette Kade Scholars for Spring 2019 and Full Year 2019

About the Annette Kade Scholarship:

With the generous support of The Annette Kade Fund, ISEP offers these scholarships to students at U.S. ISEP Member Institutions who plan to study French or German while abroad. Awards are made following a review of applications that focus on language learning and demonstrated financial need to study abroad. Applications include essays and an endorsement from the applicant’s home institution.

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