VIDEO: ISEP Student Studies Viticulture and Winemaking in New Zealand

July 23, 2019

ISEP Student, Olivia Cook, talks about her time abroad at NMIT in New Zealand in the Viticulture and Winemaking program where she got to work at an active winery and produce her own microvintage from berry sampling to bottling.

She walks you through her experience from harvest through dormancy and pruning and recaps the incredible opportunity her study abroad experience provided.

“Being here for the short 5 months that I’ve been is going to help my career so much,” says Olivia. “I’ve been in school, but I feel like I’ve gotten real work experience because I’ve been in the winery, in the vineyard doing everything that I need to.”

Her program also included an intensive week in the sensory room learning exactly what to look for in wine from a sensory analysis perspective. Learn more by watching Olivia in the video below!

If you are from an ISEP Member University and are interested in learning more or applying to study abroad, get in touch with our advising team and leave a note about your specific interests.

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