Study Abroad in Thailand: 3 Things You’ll Definitely See on the Streets of Bangkok

November 4, 2019

Here are three things you’ll definitely see on the streets of Bangkok if you study abroad at Thammasat University in Thailand with ISEP:

1. Motorbikes

No matter where you are, what time of day it is, what the weather is like… you will be dodging motorcycle taxis left and right. Bangkok is filled with a thousand different ways to get around, but motorbikes remain the most popular and frequent. Almost every local drives one, and it’s common to see almost the whole family squeezed onto one bike! Although they are not the safest option, they are definitely the most accessible and fastest way to get around the chaotic and never-ending traffic in Bangkok. They weave through traffic, drive on the sidewalks, and pop up out of nowhere, but it’s worth it to try at least once.

Tip: Book your ride through the travel app equivalent to Uber: Grab! It’s affordable, easy, and drivers always provide you with a helmet. Safety first, everyone.

2. Street Food

There is never a lack of food living in Bangkok. However, warning: vegetarian and vegan options in Bangkok are hard to find, not impossible, but most of the street food will contain meat, eggs, and milk. Pretty much every street you walk down in Bangkok is jam packed with Thai people selling all sorts of goodies in little vendor stations. The most common foods you’ll run into are: pork meatballs, slices of fruit and fresh smoothies, skewered and grilled meats and seafood (mainly squid), roti (banana and egg fried pancake), and mango sticky rice (Thai dessert, my favorite!). I definitely recommend trying all of them at least once, usually no more than 1 U.S dollar.

3. 7-Eleven

Arguably, 7-Elevens are where I spend most of my time. They are on every corner of Bangkok and sell just about anything you can think of. The best part: they heat up or cook the food you buy as soon as you purchase it! The second best part: they are open 24-7. You can buy ice cream, deodorant, makeup, an umbrella (which you will need during the rainy season), a grilled cheese sandwich, and a sim card for your phone all in one spot. With that said, never fret—you will always have somewhere to go for a midnight snack when you’re up late studying during midterm week!

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