Making sure that ISEP Staff and your host ISEP Coordinator are informed about any medical conditions or issues is essential to making sure we can prepare for potential health-related concerns during your program.

Medic Alert Emblem:

If you have a specific medical problem, carry an internationally recognized medic alert emblem with you.

More Information

Medical Records

  • Keep personal medical records with you in a secure and accessible place.
  • Records should include ALL drugs you are taking, any chronic ailments, allergies, your immunization history, blood type, prior surgeries, eyeglass prescription, personal physician, health insurance information, and your religion.
  • Make a photocopy of these records to leave with someone at home in case your copy gets lost.

Your ISEP Student Self-Assessment Medical Form

A certain amount of stress due to culture shock or a change in living conditions is normal. However, in some cases, such stress may aggravate disabilities or illnesses that you have under control at home. If this occurs, our staff will want to be able to help you as best as possible.

To help guide us and your host ISEP Coordinator in making appropriate arrangements for you to receive the best care and services, it is necessary that all ISEP students complete our ISEP Student Self-Assessment Medical Form as a part of your acceptance package before going abroad.

If you fail to inform us about medication or medical treatment that you have received or are receiving, and there are related problems during the program, you may be considered for dismissal from the program. See ISEP’s Health and Safety Policy for more details. Log in the complete medical form.

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