Being able to contact you in the case of an emergency or crisis will help ensure that you receive the appropriate assistance and care you may need. Here is how you can help:

  • Upon Arrival, Get Local Currency

    After arriving in your host country and clearing immigration and customs, obtain some local currency if you have not already. You can exchange money at most international airports.

  • Let Everyone Know You Have Arrived Safely

    Check in at your host university and ask for help to contact home and let your family and legal guardians know you have arrived.

  • Send New Contact Information To Your ISEP Coordinators

    As soon as you have a local phone, send your phone number to your [home and host ISEP Coordinator](home and host coordinators) so they have accurate contact information for you.

  • Join the ISEP Facebook Group

    Join the ISEP Facebook Group and respond to any emergency emails from the ISEP Global Office and your ISEP home and host institutions.

  • Check For Travel Advisories & Updates

    Your health and safety is our number one priority. Check our website, ISEP Facebook Group, #ISEPAlerts Twitter feed and your email for any emergency notifications throughout your stay.

Check out our Health & Safety section for more information and tips.