Access to a global community of accredited higher education institutions

Give your students access to a wide range of institutions of higher education in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America and the Middle East. One agreement with ISEP gives you access to all of our member institutions, without the need to maintain each individual relationship. This allows you to focus on a few strategic bi-laterals without the necessity of maintaining specific agreements. All ISEP host institutions go through a detailed application process to ensure the highest level of program quality. In addition, members can access professional development and networking opportunities through ISEP conferences, coordinator workshops and study tours.

Increased staffing and on-site host institution support for students

We offer dedicated staff to help your institution reach your internationalization goals and assist your students throughout the study abroad process. Host institution coordinators conduct orientation, ensure housing and meals are provided and facilitate students’ registration and integration into their host institutions.

Training in emergency preparedness and response

Student health and safety is our number one priority. As the world faces increased instability, we know how important it is to be prepared in case of an emergency. Every member institution adheres to rigorous membership standards and training designed to ensure student health, safety and well-being.

Fewer academic limitations

ISEP students are not limited by their field of study because placements are available in all academic disciplines. Our staff provide expert advising on programs with a focus on curriculum integration, and, facilitate the exchange of academic information and transcripts, between host universities, home universities and students.

Reduced financial barriers

We aim to provide the most affordable programs in order to empower students of all financial backgrounds to study abroad. ISEP Direct fees are developed with host institutions to be affordable for all students. ISEP also offers scholarships to help students overcome the financial circumstances limiting access to study abroad.

Home campus diversity

Incoming exchange students bring cultural and linguistic diversity representing international perspectives on your campus and in your classrooms. To help further achieve this goal, our organization sponsors the J-1 exchange visitor program for all ISEP students studying in the U.S.

Consistency in enrollment numbers and tuition

Using our revenue neutral model, we carefully manage your exchange enrollment to avoid imbalances.

“Study abroad” beyond the classroom

Our membership offers your students access to internships, service-learning, community engagement and volunteering opportunities in over 50 countries.