• Before your study abroad ends, please check your host institution’s Institutional Information Sheet for important information about how to obtain your transcript and when you can expect to receive it. Some universities require no extra steps and will send the transcript automatically, while others will require that you sign a transcript release form.
  • All official transcripts are sent from your Host Institution to ISEP Staff, who then send send it to your home ISEP Coordinator.
  • To receive your transcript from your host ISEP Coordinator, you must have no outstanding fees from your ISEP program.
  • If you will need additional transcripts, please order these from your host ISEP Coordinator before your departure.
  • Alumni who need transcripts from past semesters spent with us should contact the ISEP Program Assistant associated with the country or state you studied in.

Course Credit Transfer

A Host Institution Enrollment Form can help keep track of the classes you take and credit you receive, and may provide your home institution with useful information to clarify questions about credit transfer. Your host ISEP Coordinator completes the first half of this form by filling out which classes you have registered for and how much credit they are worth, and finishes the second half by verifying that you have completed those classes at the end of your term.

If there are any problems with your transcript or with credit transfer, you or your home ISEP Coordinator can contact the ISEP Program Officer for the country or state you studied in, and we will help you contact your host institution to resolve them.