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Study Abroad in Thailand: 3 Things You’ll Definitely See on the Streets of Bangkok

Here are three things you’ll definitely see on the streets of Bangkok if you study abroad at Thammasat University in Thailand with ISEP.


Top 5 in Jozi: Study Abroad in Johannesburg, South Africa

Within the first month of my study abroad in Johannesburg, South Africa, I’ve done so much. At this point I think it’s only fair to make a list of my top five favorite things I’ve done so far.


Aussie Holiday: Travel Tips for Your Semester Abroad

During my recent months studying abroad at Western Sydney University in Australia, I’ve taken advantage of cancelled classes, long weekends and my mid-semester break by traveling to some local Aussie spots, Melbourne and to New Zealand.


My Study Abroad Adventures: Weekend Camping Trip

When spring finally arrives in the East Coast, you take advantage of it. So last week, I decided to go on a camping trip with Virginia Tech's rock climbing and whitewater rafting clubs. I can safely say that it was the greatest decision I made since I started my study abroad journey!


How to Travel Throughout South America

When I first arrived in Chile, I knew little to none about what services were available to me for traveling throughout my host city of Valparaíso. Furthermore, I was essentially clueless about means of travel to other cities around Chile, and even to different countries in South America. I have lear


Learning to Live Sustainably While Studying Abroad in Finland

I’m pretty good about recycling, but even I had something to learn when I arrived in Finland.


Road Trip to Joshua Tree, California

I went on a trip with the recreation center at my school in the U.S. to Joshua Tree, a beautiful national park in the desert of California, for 3 days and 2 nights.


8 Things to Do Before You Study Abroad

During my time in Sweden, I have learned some tips that can help simplify your time abroad. Here are some things you should do before you leave to study abroad.