Study Abroad this Summer for less than $5,000

November 4, 2021

Looking for a study abroad opportunity that fits into your budget and won’t break the bank? ISEP has thirteen great summer programs that offer enriching experiences at an affordable price.

Are you dreaming of drinking tea in front of Buckingham Palace or indulging in mouth-watering street food while taking a stroll around bustling Seoul, South Korea? Then consider ISEP’s study abroad programs in iconic locations such as Barcelona, London, Milan, Prague and Seoul - all for under $5,000!

Summer in Barcelona

Summer in London - Journalism, Business, and Political Science

Summer in London - Computer Science, Psychology, & Humanities

Summer in Milan - Fashion, Marketing & International Relations

Summer in Prague

Summer in Seoul - Hanyang University

If you want to learn how to order a baguette in French or a bowl of seafood paella in Spanish, then consider ISEP’s language programs in France, Chile, and Spain that will have you ordering scrumptious foods in the local language in no time. These programs range in length from three to seven weeks and are a great low-cost option for language learners and enthusiasts.

Summer in Chile - Spanish Language & Latin American Studies

Summer in Normandy - French Language, History, & Culture

Summer in Southern Spain - Spanish Language & Culture

Summer in the French Alps - French Language & Culture

Are you an adventurer at heart? Want to study in a unique location that is off the beaten path? Then consider ISEP’s programs in Germany, Ghana, or Hong Kong. In Marburg, Germany, explore castles or stroll along the river in this town that seems straight out of a fairy-tale. Alternatively, study abroad in Accra, Ghana where you will enjoy sunny beaches and the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich social experience within the local community. Or in Hong Kong, benefit from the perks of big city living while also taking part in the abounding outdoor adventures offered due to the close proximity to the ocean and the mountains.

Summer in Germany

Summer in Ghana

Summer in Hong Kong

For further budgeting assistance, check out ISEP’s Budgeting Tools or the Budgeting for Study Abroad page to learn more about how to ensure that your study abroad experience fits your specific financial needs.

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