ISEP's Sustainability Initiatives: Paving the Way for Greener Conferences and Beyond

September 21, 2023

ISEP Study Abroad recognizes that student mobility requires us to use valuable natural resources. Our goal is to steward those resources as effectively as possible to fulfill our mission in a sustainable manner. Earlier this year, ISEP proudly signed the CANIE Accord and embarked on a journey to find innovative ways to positively impact the environment as an organization.

For instance, in preparation for the NAFSA Conference 2023, the ISEP team worked diligently to ensure sustainability during the events and workshops while contributing to the community. We committed to reducing the use of printed materials, opting for plant-based cuisine, and donating surplus food to those in need in the Washington, D.C. community. Additionally, our choices extended to our event venues, as we selected a public space for workshops and the Art Museum of the Americas for the ISEP Community Reception.

Another example of ISEP’s commitment to sustainability is how we encourage our students to adopt sustainable practices as they prepare for their program abroad. During their pre-departure orientation, students are encouraged to consider the following actions:

  • Evaluate their resource consumption,
  • Prioritize local travel,
  • Explore alternative forms of transportation, and
  • Support local businesses and artisans.

Similar to our preparations for NAFSA, the ISEP team brainstormed ways to be more sustainable as we planned our travel for site visits and the European Association for International Education Conference (EAIE) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We are monitoring our carbon footprint through an online tool, supporting local businesses and restaurants, and utilizing public transportation in Rotterdam.

We will also attend sustainability sessions and are eager to engage with you about other ways ISEP and our students can further incorporate sustainability activities into our student mobility initiatives. Our team attending EAIE is John Lucas, Ph.D., Kristen Aguto, Alexandra Kahn-Johnston, and Zach Tobin. We invite you to connect with us as we explore various aspects of sustainability and our broader mission.

We look forward to seeing you in Rotterdam, the Netherlands!