About Me: The Journey I took to Self-discovery

May 28, 2017

This blog post is all about the self journey or self discovery which I went through when I was six months abroad on the other side of the world. I have also just finished a book on self-understanding so bear with me.

About a month in as I got settled, everything wasn’t as exciting anymore because it became routine. Adjusting to a new school system was trickier than I thought it would be. I felt homesick for the first time. You know how they say you’re hairstylist also doubles as your shrink? So that’s just who I called to talk to; mine actually plays triple duty because she’s also my cousin. Well “Dr.” Nina diagnosed me with growing pains.

Nina, as always, was right. I am growing and most importantly I’m embracing it. I’ve always been confident in the person I was but this experience has lead me to uncover a new layer. So with that I have never enjoyed my own company more. There is nothing I can nitpick and say that has changed in me. I still can’t say I’m a more patient person because the other day I had to stand what seemed to be my lifetime in line at the currency exchange and caught myself wondering if buying groceries was really that important. But there are sometimes that I will say something or react in a way that surprises me. When I think I only have a month and a half left on this journey, my heart aches. This is probably the last time I have to be completely free but then I think of how exciting it is to bring everything I learned about myself back home. The feeling of getting to know who you really are is what this whole experience is about.

I still miss home sometimes, of course I miss my family. My little brother has to send me a picture of my dog, Daisy, everyday to feed my fix. This is something I had to do and with that I am so much more appreciative for this opportunity.

The day I left home to head to the airport my mom hugged me and said goodbye to the girl I was now because it wouldn’t be the same one that came back. It stuck with me and now I know what she meant. My mom is actually on her way to spend a week with me and I can’t wait to reintroduce myself. Still me, just an upgraded version.

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