Coverage Dates

ISEP pre-determines your coverage dates in order to ensure that you will be fully covered throughout your entire time abroad. You will be permitted to add one month of additional coverage before and/or after your pre-determined enrollment dates (for periods of personal travel before and/or after your program).

If you have questions about your coverage dates, please contact our ISEP Student Insurance Coordinator at for further assistance.

Paying Online

Payment for the full amount of coverage is required at the time of enrollment. You will need to pay your insurance cost online with a credit card or US based bank account as part of the enrollment process. ISEP accepts most major credit cards.

Note: Students participating on an ISEP Direct program do not pay for the cost of the required coverage for their program as the cost if included in the ISEP Direct program fee. However, there will be a cost of additional coverage is added before and/or after the program dates.

How to Enroll

  1. You will need to Log In to access the enrollment page. If you do not have this information, please contact .
  2. After completing enrollment and payment online, you will need to download your ID cards from within the enrollment page. Please click “View Card.” Adobe Reader may be required.
  3. For best performance, use Chrome, Firefox or Edge as your browser.