ISEP has partnered with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), a trusted industry leader, to provide students with international health insurance coverage and assistance services during their ISEP program. ISEP participants and any accompanying dependents are required to enroll in insurance through CISI.

CISI offers three plans for ISEP students. The majority of ISEP students will enroll in the CISI Comprehensive Medical & Global Assistance Plan. This plan includes numerous benefits, including coverage for unexpected and unplanned medical emergencies abroad. A select number of ISEP host countries require students to enroll the national or local healthcare system. CISI offers a Limited Medical & Global Assistance Plan (very limited health insurance coverage) and a Global Assistance Plan (no health insurance coverage) for students in these locations.

The three plans CISI administers for ISEP participants are:

  • CISI Comprehensive Medical & Global Assistance Plan, which includes comprehensive accident/sickness coverage and global assistance (including evacuation & repatriation)
  • CISI Limited Medical & Global Assistance Plan, which includes more limited accident/sickness coverage + global assistance (including evacuation & repatriation)
  • CISI Global Assistance Plan, which include evacuation & repatriation (but no accident/sickness coverage)

ISEP Direct

The ISEP Health and Safety Fee is included in the cost of your ISEP Direct program fees. You will enroll in CISI insurance when you are completing your ISEP Acceptance Package in your ISEP Dashboard. Most ISEP Direct students are enrolled in the CISI Comprehensive Medical & Global Assistance Plan. Students who are required to enroll directly in the national healthcare program of their host country for visa purposes will be enrolled in the CISI Limited Medical & Global Assistance Plan or CISI Global Assistance Plan, depending on the level of coverage provided by the required host country program.

ISEP Exchange

ISEP Exchange program participants pay the ISEP Health & Safety Fee in addition to their application and placement fees and their home university tuition, housing, and meals. This fee includes the cost of their required CISI health insurance. You must pay for the ISEP Health & Safety Program and enroll in the included CISI insurance no later than 45 days prior to your program start. You will enroll through your ISEP dashboard. Your ISEP Dashboard will only give you the option to enroll in the health insurance plan(s) you are eligible for. Depending on your home university’s payment settings, you may be billed for the ISEP Health & Safety fee by your home university. If your home university does not bill you for this fee, you will pay it directly to ISEP at the time of enrollment. ISEP will charge you for the full cost of insurance coverage for your entire program when you enroll. The ISEP Health & Safety Fee is a weekly fee, and the cost varies depending on the plan required for your host country.

ISEP Health & Safety Fees for ISEP Exchange Students

More Information

Contact Information

For questions about purchasing, enrolling in, or cancelling your insurance: contact insurance[AT]

For questions about insurance coverage and benefits*, contact the CISI Claims Team:

By email:

By phone (9:00 AM-5:00 PM EST M-F):
Toll Free Phone (Within the US): 800-303-8120
Collect (Outside the US): 203-399-5130

*For Students with Pre-Existing Conditions: The CISI Claims Team can answer benefits questions, but if you have a pre-existing condition that will require the care of a doctor while abroad, you will need to open a case directly with AXA Assistance after you are enrolled in the insurance and prior to departure to advise them of your condition and treatment needs. You may be asked to submit additional information to them so that they can provide support and assistance while abroad.

For questions about assistance services (e.g. medical evacuation or repatriation worldwide, medical referrals outside of the US), contact CISI’s Emergency Assistance partner, AXA Assistance:

By email:

By phone (24-7-365): Toll Free Phone (Within the US): 855-327-1411
Collect (Outside the US): 312-935-1703