ISEP charges a Health & Safety Fee for ISEP Exchange participants. This fee includes 24/7 emergency assistance while you are an ISEP participant, crisis management and coordination during a local or widespread emergency, on-going support and guidance from your student services officer during your program, and emergency medical reunion, evacuation, and repatriation services. For most participants it will also include health insurance.

You must pay for the ISEP Health & Safety Program and enroll in the included CISI insurance no later than 45 days prior to your program start. You will enroll through your ISEP dashboard. Your ISEP Dashboard will only give you the option to enroll in the health insurance plan(s) you are eligible for.

Depending on your home university’s payment settings, you may be billed for the ISEP Health & Safety fee by your home university. If your home university does not bill you for this fee, you will pay it directly to ISEP at the time of enrollment. ISEP will charge you for the full cost of insurance coverage for your entire program when you enroll. The ISEP Health & Safety Fee is a weekly fee, and the cost varies depending on the plan required for your host country.

2023-2024 ISEP Health & Safety Fees

CISI Insurance Plan Coverage Locations Covered ISEP Health and Safety Fee
CISI Comprehensive Medical & Global Assistance Plan Comprehensive accident/sickness coverage and global assistance (including evacuation & repatriation) All countries except those that are eligible for the Limited and Global Assistance plans, which are identified below.* $28.00/week
CISI Limited Medical & Global Assistance Plan Limited accident/sickness coverage + global assistance (including evacuation & repatriation) All students traveling to Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland and Estonia. Full Year students traveling to the United Kingdom. Recommended but not required for students traveling to New Zealand and Switzerland. $17.50/week
CISI Global Assistance Plan Medically necessary evacuation & repatriation (but no accident/sickness coverage) Students traveling to New Zealand and Switzerland who have opted out of the Limited Plan. $3.60/week

*European and British students studying in Europe and the UK

If a student is a citizen of a European country or the United Kingdom and is studying abroad in Europe or the UK, they may be exempt from enrolling in the CISI Comprehensive Medical & Global Assistance Plan and will only be required to enroll in the CISI Global Assistance Plan (includes medical evacuation and repatriation). To be considered exempt from the CISI Comprehensive Medical & Global Assistance Plan, eligible students must provide a copy of their EHIC or GHIC to insurance[AT]

Please contact ISEP insurance[AT] for more information about eligible dependents traveling with students (including legal spouses, civil union partners, and/or children).

Withdrawals and Date Changes

If you withdraw from ISEP after enrolling in the insurance program, or if you shorten the duration of your stay outside your home country, you may request a refund of your insurance premium.

  • Please email insurance[AT] to request a refund.
  • Your request must be received at least two weeks before the date you wish to end your insurance coverage. ISEP cannot be held responsible for your failure to request a timely refund.
  • Refunds of unused insurance will be refunded less one month’s administrative fee.
  • Refunds cannot be made retroactively