Receiving Medical Treatment Abroad

When you arrive at your host institution, you should find out what student health services are available. Normally this would be the first place to go if you have a medical problem, and the treatment received there is often less expensive. The health service will refer you to a specialist or a hospital if you need additional treatment.

Within the United States

Your coverage with ISEP allows access to the PHCS hospital and physician network which utilizes negotiated charges which may save you money. You may find a participating provider by contacting PHCS at 1-800-922-4362 or by visiting their website at This information is on the back of your medical ID card. If you need to see a provider in the United States, you will need to present your medical ID Card. You are not required to use a PHCS network provider.

If you receive services in the United States, your provider will most likely want to file a claim for you using his or her own form. In some cases, you may be asked to pay for the services you receive and then request reimbursement by filing a claim directly with ASRM, LLC.

Outside the United States

Typically, you will be required to pay for your medical expenses yourself and then submit a claim to request reimbursement. If you need assistance with payment arrangements, please contact On Call International as soon as possible. On Call International can often arrange direct payment between ASRM, LLC and the medical providers for large outpatient and inpatient claims.

Filing A Claim

A claim can only be processed with itemized bills and a diagnosis. Please read the claim instructions carefully. Remember to keep photocopies of all documents submitted. You should speak with your host ISEP coordinator if you have any difficulties with your claim.

You may also request a claim form from ASRM, LLC by calling their customer service department at 844-898-8944 or by visiting

All completed claims (with original documentation and receipts) or inquiries about claims should be sent to:

By mail:
Claims Department
505 S. Lenola Road, Suite 231
Moorestown, NJ 08057

By email:

Toll Free Phone (Within the United States) - 844-898-8944
Collect (Outside the United States) - 856-380-1213
Fax - 856-231-7995

All claims must be submitted within one year of the accident or sickness giving rise to the claim.

When You Return Home

Since benefits are not provided for treatment received in your home country, this coverage will not pay benefits once you return home. It is necessary for you to arrange other insurance to take effect upon your return home.