Membership Types

ISEP Exchange Membership

For every student sent abroad, your institution receives one in return. Inbound students can be from any ISEP Exchange member institution. Placement at an ISEP member institution depends on your student’s academic qualifications and available exchange space. Once placed, your student pays you the cost of an academic term (such as tuition, housing and meals) and ISEP a one-time placement fee. In return, we take care of facilitating student exchanges among you and other ISEP members, managing both your agreement and balance with ISEP.

ISEP Direct Membership

Each student pays a fee to ISEP that covers their host institution’s program cost. Programs are either direct enroll courses, like on ISEP Exchange, or specialized programs focused on a specific language, culture or academic field. We manage your agreements with other ISEP members and your students will be guaranteed placement at any ISEP Direct host institution.

ISEP for All

If you are an institution that is not a member, your students can still participate in our programs. As an inclusive organization dedicated to improving student access to study abroad, we have opened 13 of our universities offering ISEP Direct programs to any student from an accredited institution of higher education. Highly rated for providing excellent student experiences, high-quality academic programs and exemplary on-site support, we have nominated these 13 universities because we believe they represent some of the best our membership can offer. Like ISEP Direct, your student will pay ISEP the program fee, and we will work with your institution to help manage the agreement with your student’s selected ISEP institution.

Differences Between Membership Types

ISEP for All ISEP Direct Member ISEP Exchange Member
Membership Fee Free - Open to any accredited institution of higher education in the world US$500/year US$4,100/year
Programs available to your students Up to 18 institutions in 16 countries Up to 60 institutions in 35 countries Up to 324 institutions in 56 countries
Tuition stays at home institution no no yes
Host ISEP students no no yes
Send students on ISEP programs yes yes yes
Receive customized member training, webinars and workshops no yes yes
Participate in ISEP Council of Advisors and member site-tours no yes yes
Access to ISEP Conferences yes yes yes

Our ISEP Exchange membership has multiple customized offerings that vary in cost depending on your needs. Contact us to go over pricing and membership details to find the solution that’s the best fit for your institution.

If you’re interested in learning more and becoming a member contact us.