Membership Types

Universities and colleges can choose to partner with us in the way that best fits their internationalization goals and budget.

ISEP Membership

An ISEP membership provides access to our entire portfolio of Exchange and Direct programs throughout our network of more than 300 universities in over 50 countries.

With ISEP Exchange, for every student sent abroad, your institution receives one in return. Inbound students can be from any ISEP member institution. Placement at another ISEP member institution depends on your student’s academic qualifications, language proficiency level if applicable and available exchange space. Once placed, your student pays you the cost of an academic term (such as tuition, housing and meals) and ISEP one-time application and placement fees. In return, we take care of facilitating student exchanges among you and other ISEP members, managing both your agreement and balance with ISEP.

ISEP member institutions can also access our ISEP Direct fee-paying programs in more than 40 countries. Direct programs include summer, semester, and full-year study abroad opportunities as well as full-time internships and volunteer programs such as the ISEP Global Engagement Program in Accra, Ghana.

As an ISEP member, you will also be able to access professional development and networking opportunities:

  • Connect with higher education professionals from other universities and collaborate as equal partners to further the internationalization of your campus
  • Help lower the cost for students to study abroad all over the world by sharing your campus and resources
  • Receive customized coordinator trainings, webinars and workshops
  • Access ISEP events and member site tours
  • Participate in the ISEP Council of Advisors

ISEP Affiliation

ISEP Affiliation is available for universities who are not interested in joining the ISEP Exchange network but would like to send students on ISEP Direct fee-paying programs. Students at ISEP Affiliate institutions have access to summer, semester, and full-year study abroad programs as well as full-time internships and volunteer programs in more than 40 countries.

Each program participant at an ISEP Affiliate institution pays a fee to ISEP, which covers the host institution’s program cost. Programs include regular university courses across academic disciplines as well as specialized courses focused on a specific language, culture or topic. ISEP manages your institutional agreements, and your students are guaranteed placement at any ISEP Direct host institution.

Differences Between ISEP Membership and ISEP Affiliation

ISEP Member ISEP Affiliate
Membership Fee US$4,750/year None
Programs available to your students 300+ institutions in 50+ countries 60+ institutions in 40+ countries
Send students on ISEP programs Yes Yes (ISEP Direct programs only)
Receive/Host ISEP students Yes No
Tuition stays at home institution Yes No