About the Scholarship

The ISEP Accessibility Scholarship is designed to assist students placed in an ISEP program who do not have sufficient funds to cover the upfront costs of studying abroad.  This scholarship will provide $1,100 to assist students in covering their expenses.

Who can apply?

Any student with demonstrated financial need.

How much is awarded to scholarship recipients?

ISEP will award scholarships of US$1,100.

How to apply:

Recipients are chosen via a lottery system after the submission of a brief application that establishes financial need, demographics, and a short personal biography.

Submit an Application:

ISEP Accessibility Scholarship Application

Please note that once you begin your application you cannot leave the webpage until you press “Submit.” Applications cannot be saved and you will not be able to return to a submitted application.

Application deadline:

Applications for students planning to attend a program during the Fall semester SM1 (August-December) or Full-Year (August-May) must be submitted by April 1.

Applications for the Spring semester SM2 (January-June) must be submitted by October 15.

Students who plan to attend a Summer program (June-August) can apply for either deadline.

Whom to contact:

Get in touch with the ISEP Scholarship Team at .

When scholarships are awarded:

Students who plan to attend a program with a start date between August-December will be notified by the end of April. Students who plan to attend a program with a start date between January-June will be notified in mid-November.