Enhance your resume and develop your intercultural competence while contributing to a leading social organization based in Barcelona.

Make a difference in local communities through non-profit organizations based in Barcelona and enhance your resume with ISEP’s Community Engaged Learning Program. Learn about Spanish culture and social issues in Barcelona while gaining intercultural competence and professional skills.

Our resident director in Barcelona provides guidance and support to participants throughout the program, facilitating cross-cultural training sessions and being available for questions and assistance. You will also be assigned a supervisor at the chosen organization.

ISEP’s Community Engaged Learning Program is a great way to earn meaningful international work experience while gaining first-hand insight into communities with a different cultural context.

Make the most of your study abroad experience in Barcelona by contributing to the local community, connecting with the culture and collaborating with local people.

Though Spanish language competency will open up more opportunities, this community engaged learning experience is open to students of all levels of Spanish.

For-Credit Community Engaged Learning Program

Supplement your volunteer work and earn 6 ECTs (3 U.S. credits) with coursework in intercultural communication, cultural studies and sociology including theoretical studies and sociological research!

The community engaged learning course will focus on society, inequality and social exclusion from a global perspective and then more specifically how it applies to the realities in the city of Barcelona. You’ll explore issues such as immigration, homelessness, education, youth, social movements and activism, sustainable urban development, the environment, urban cultural expression and others. Community Engaged Learning Program Syllabus

Number of credits: 6 ECTs (3 U.S. credits); transcript issued by the University of Minnesota

Format: 45 service hours at placement (around 4 hours per week) and 28 course contact hours (14 sessions of 120 minutes)

Price: Same as normal semester tuition fees (3 UPF courses + community engaged learning course)

Not-for-Credit Global Engagement Program

Format: 25 service hours at placement (around 2 hours per week) and 3-session cross-cultural seminar (6 contact hours)

Price: US$200


Applications are due by July 1, 2024.

Program Dates: October to December 2024

Program includes:

  • Personalized support in your project selection and throughout your program
  • International work experience with a leading service organization
  • Training and project supervision
  • Cross-cultural training sessions
  • Certificate upon successful completion of volunteer program
  • Reference letter from ISEP and participating organization
  • Access to ISEP’s alumni network of 1,500+ members, providing connections, job coaching, graduate school application advice, and even job placement

To learn more, please contact Maria Mateu, ISEP Resident Director in Barcelona, at


This is a brief description of some of the placements available in organizations in various fields. Each organization has different needs and requirements in terms of skills, knowledge of Spanish language and commitment. If there is a specific field not listed here and where you would like to do your service at, please let us know.


Itaca is a non-profit organization that develops social action projects for children and young adults at risk of exclusion. One of those projects is the after-school program which provides children with an inclusive and safe space for school tutoring, leisure activities and healthy habits.

Requirements: Advanced Spanish skills. Background check from home country.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with after school activities.
  • Assist the staff with ideas and development of activities.

Language Assistant At Primary & Secondary Schools (English, French or German)

Having a language assistant at a school is an extraordinary opportunity for the students and for the educational community in general to practice conversational skills with a native speaker. In the Spanish Education System, students start learning a second language (normally English) at an early age. Although language professors tend to have excellent English skills, they tend not to be native speakers of English.

Requirements: Native English, or Native French, or Native German. Background check from home country.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • In coordination with the Language Teacher, you will help students to practice and improve their spoken skills in English through the preparation of different activities adapted to the age and level of the students.

NEXES Interculturals

Nexes Interculturals is a non-profit organization that promotes intercultural learning, active participation, Human Rights, social inclusion, and international cooperation. They develop volunteering projects, youth initiatives, international training and internships, and cultural exchanges.

Requirements: Intermediate Spanish, skills and experience in graphic design.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with graphic design.
  • Assist with communication in social media, website, flyers.


Educo is an international development NGO. The organization defends the rights of children and promotes sustainable social change through improving the conditions of vulnerable populations, especially children. Educo works in Spain and in countries in Africa, America, and Asia, through social projects in which children and adults participate to promote fair and equitable societies that guarantee their rights and well-being.

Requirements: Native level of English (Spanish knowledge valued), research experience and interest. Background check from home country.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with research.
  • Help with communication tasks, editing, and creating presentations.
  • Translation of documents.

La Esperanza Foundation

The goal of this social action organization is to promote autonomy and facilitate the social inclusion of people and families in situations of poverty and vulnerability. It offers comprehensive and transformative care to people and families at risk of exclusion, by developing a variety of programs and activities.

Requirements: background check from home country. Some knowledge of Spanish helpful.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with after school activities.
  • Assist with tutoring kids and contributing ideas and development of activities.

Children’s Hospital Sant Joan de Deu

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is a highly specialized center for the treatment of children and pregnant women. The hospital belongs to the Hospitaller Order, a non-profit institution dedicated to healthcare, socio-health, teaching, and research through various facilities, including hospitals, mental health centers, centers for people with disabilities, for the elderly, and for people in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion.

Requirements: Intermediate/Advanced level of Spanish. Health Science studies. Background check from home country.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Provide support in entertaining patients in leisure rooms or waiting rooms.
  • Care of children in their rooms when parents are temporarily absent (to eat, work or rest).
  • Entertain children while they are receiving treatment.

Oxfam International

Oxfam is an international NGO which has the goal of ending the injustice of poverty. Among many other programs, Oxfam campaigns for climate action and works with partners to bring the voices of communities affected by climate change into international negotiations and discussions. Oxfam works with local communities to build resilience in the face of the climate crisis and responds to climate related emergencies around the globe.

Requirements: Native level of English. Good communication and writing skills. Interest and some experience in climate justice.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support the Climate Crisis team with research.
  • Assist with communication tasks, editing, and creating presentations.

Foundation Bayt-al-Thaqafa

This organization works to facilitate social, cultural, civic, and political inclusion of refugee and immigrant populations, mainly from Arab-Muslim cultures.

Requirements: Advanced level of Spanish. Background check from home country.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with Spanish literacy and language acquisition and class material development.
  • Help with database keeping and management.

T-Oigo – Program Allies in English

T-Oigo supports families and children with hearing loss to promote total inclusion in society and enhance English language skills.

Requirements: Native or advanced English skills. Background check from home country.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • English language learning for children and teenagers.
  • Video and material editing.

Casal Lambda

Casal Lambda is a non-profit organization advocating for LGTBIQ+ rights and freedoms. They engage in social projects, cultural activities, and raise awareness towards public institutions and political parties.

Requirements: Working proficiency level of Spanish. Flexible schedule.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Participation in organizing the activities and the agenda of the activities of Casal Lambda.
  • Participation in updating the information of the website or the quarterly magazine.

Islamic Relief

International humanitarian organization helping vulnerable communities around the world. The chapter in Barcelona organizes fundraising events and mobilizes youth to raise awareness about social injustices.

Requirements: Advanced English skills. Knowledge of Spanish and writing, communication and graphic design skills required for communication tasks.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with communication tasks: web design, graphic design & video editing.
  • Assist with design and implementation of fundraising strategies.
  • Translation of documents.

SJD Solidarity

The organization supports marginalized populations, including those dealing with issues of homelessness, mental illness, and addictions. They need support with a specific educational project raising awareness in schools.

Requirements: Intermediate/Advanced level of Spanish.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Translation of documents and texts into English.
  • Support the sensitization of children and teenagers’ activities.

Centre for African & Intercultural Studies

The Centre is dedicated to research, training, outreach, and sensitization on African societies and cultures, intercultural relations, and cultural diversity, to transform perceptions and realities and to foster an appreciation for diversity.

Requirements: Advanced Spanish skills. Interest and some experience in African societies and realities and motivation for the organization’s projects.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Graphic design.
  • Communication strategies.
  • Marketing plans.

Community Adult School La Troca

Community school that offers support to the educational needs of young and adult people in a specific neighborhood in Barcelona. Enables participants to learn and develop life competences.

Requirements: Intermediate level of Spanish. Background check from home country.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Translation of documents & website.
  • Teaching English.
  • Research international funding resources & grant writing.
  • Support with children care space.

Gleaners (Espigoladors)

Espigoladors (Gleaners in English) is a non-profit organization that recovers food on farmers’ fields through the practice of gleaning — collection of fruits and vegetables discarded from the commercial market. The recovered product allows this organization to fight against food waste, provide fresh food and a healthier diet to low-income populations and create job opportunities to people at risk of social exclusion.

Requirements: For the translation tasks: Native or Advanced English and Intermediate Spanish skills. For the audio-visual and graphic design tasks: knowledge of video editing programs, preferably Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. Knowledge of Lightroom is a plus.

Ways you’ll contribute:
The organization needs help with two different tasks. The volunteer could contribute to one or the two types of tasks, they are not exclusive.

  • Translation into English and language editing of documents and texts (annual reports, web sections, marketing materials) and English conversational lessons with staff.
  • Graphic design and audio-visual support: Edition of video, photos, and other graphic materials. Creation of animated videos.