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  • France France From the Atlantic to the Alps, this leading country holds a wealth of history, culture and art ideal for any student. Improve your French language skills at one of many institutions across diverse regions.
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  • Northern Europe Northern Europe Become a local in a modern Nordic society and discover the unique cultural heritage and natural beauty around you. Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in Scandinavia or the Baltics.
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  • Southern Europe Southern Europe Embrace the warmth of locals in one of several countries rich with history and tradition. The Mediterranean’s diversity of languages, landscapes and cuisine are not to be missed.
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  • The U.K. The U.K. Explore lush green countryside, visit centuries-old castles and perfect your English while enrolling at a world-class university in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.
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Study Abroad in Europe

With universities in over 20 countries, studying abroad in Europe with ISEP is a dream realized for students seeking an all-around enriching experience. Reaching from the Arctic Circle to the Strait of Gibraltar, from the British Isles to the Black Sea, Europe offers breathtaking scenery along with unmatched opportunities for language learning and international travel. Whether you prefer traversing the canals of the Netherlands or relaxing on the beaches of Malta, your experience abroad in Europe will pair high quality education in any field of study with boundless access to history, art and exploration.

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