Connect with locals and immerse yourself into the host cultures in a mutually rewarding educational experience. Not only will you get valuable hands-on experience, you will make an impact in international communities.

If you are interested in learning about complex issues in communities around the world while enjoying a rich cultural, historical and social experience, apply to a comprehensive Volunteer Abroad program like The Global Engagement Program in Ghana or the Summer Service Learning Program in Senegal.

With ISEP, you can volunteer in many ways while studying abroad. Enroll in a meaningful service-learning course, volunteer on projects with nonprofits, teach at local schools or take advantage of other opportunities at your host institution during your study abroad program.

Featured Volunteer Abroad Programs

The ISEP Global Engagement Program

For an entirely unique Volunteer Abroad program, apply for ISEP’s Global Engagement Program at the University of Ghana. This program offers benefits above and beyond a typical study abroad program including community service, independent studies and research projects, an internship, an on-site resident director, excursions and even a Twi language course. The University of Ghana has a variety of courses, but students studying resource development, agriculture, social sciences or public health will gain a valuable perspective that will set them apart from their peers.

Check out the ISEP Global Engagement Program Volunteer Site Guide to learn more about some of the service opportunities available in Ghana.

Summer Service Learning in Senegal at Institut d'Études Africaines de Dakar in Senegal.

This special program includes a homestay, French language immersion or courses in English, workshops, volunteering or an internship.

There is much to discover in Dakar, Senegal’s capital and largest city. From peaceful off-shore islands to vibrant markets and a bustling downtown, this program and its dynamic setting will immerse you in Senegalese culture and in-depth experiences.

Start a search on our website and select “Volunteer,” “Service Learning” or “Community Engagement” under Filters to see programs available.

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