ISEP partners with The Intern Group (TIG) to provide several full-time internship programs all over the world, including in-person and virtual opportunities. From Bangkok to London, you’ll be able to gain professional experience on your own timeline while experiencing a new city and culture.

All TIG participants who apply through ISEP receive $200 off their internship fee.

Benefits of an internship through The Intern Group:

TIG internships offer flexibility and customized opportunities to fit your needs. You can select the time you would like to intern, the length of your internship, and your career field!

  • The Intern Group offers a series of start dates throughout the year. Students can customize the program duration based on their preference and availability, and can usually choose internships as short as 4 weeks and up to 24 weeks long.

  • As a TIG Intern, you select a location that aligns with your personal goals, your career field of interest, and your preferred program duration. TIG offers internships in world-class cities, including in London, Dublin, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, and more!

  • The Intern Group partners with more than 3,000 leading organizations around the world, and you definitely won’t spend your internship just making copies! TIG internships are unpaid professional development experiences that prepare participants to enter the workforce with skills related to their chosen profession.

Internship Options

With The Intern Group, you can choose from a virtual/remote internship program, where you can intern from anywhere, or participate in TIG’s Global Internship Program in 9 world-class destinations. Students seeking a more independent experience have additional options available through TIG’s Independent Traveler Program, and students seeking hard-to-find career fields can consider the Digital Nomad program.

Global Internship Program

The Global Internship Program offers an in-person internship placement, career advancement training, accommodations, airport pick-up, 24/7 support from local staff, and visa assistance. In-person internships are available for four weeks to six months.

TIG Global Internship Program Locations

Looking for additional opportunities?

Looking for a different destination? The Intern Group can arrange internships in a number of cities around the world. Check out the Independent Traveler Program for more information.

Want to experience a new city that does not offer an internship in your field of study? Check out the Digital Nomad program, which pairs virtual internships in any career field with an in-person experience living in another culture.

Independent Traveler Program

TIG’s Independent Traveler Program includes a placement in a career-accelerating internship in your field of study in great destinations like Barcelona, Edinburgh, California, Singapore, Chile, Boston, Chicago and Washington DC, Auckland, Sydney, Paris, Sydney, Lisbon, Milan, Seoul, Mexico City and Toronto. The program includes career advancement training and other benefits and is designed for travelers and professionals who are comfortable independently navigating a new city on their own.

The Independent Traveler Program may be a good fit for you if:

- You are comfortable finding, securing, and paying for your own housing during your internship. - You do not want or need the support of an on-site coordinator and are comfortable handling emergencies and problems that arise without an on-site staff member to assist you.

- Your home university will allow you to participate on a program without on-site support or housing provided.

- You want to intern in a destination that is not available on the Global Internship Program.

Students are responsible for following the policies of their home institution when choosing an internship program.

If you are interested in learning more before beginning the application process with The Intern Group, please contact Honorah Maggio (, ISEP Student Services Officer.

Digital Nomad Program

Interested in a virtual internship that gives you the flexibility of working remotely, but still want to travel to a new destination? The Digital Nomad program may be the right option! As a Digital Nomad, you will receive a virtual internship placement and career advancement training while experiencing life in a new city. The Digital Nomad program includes housing, a co-working space, and a community of interns in your destination. The Digital Nomad program is available in Bangkok, Thailand; Medellin, Colombia; Dublin, Ireland; Madrid, Spain; London, U.K.; New York, U.S.A.; Hong Kong (SAR, China); Tokyo, Japan; or Melbourne, Australia.

The Digital Nomad Program may be a good fit for you if:

- You want to do a remote internship while living in a new location.

- You want accommodations included and a community of interns on-site.

- You need an internship in a specific field of study that is not available in your chosen host destination.

Students are responsible for following the policies of their home institution when choosing an internship program.

If you are interested in learning more before beginning the application process with The Intern Group, please contact Honorah Maggio (, ISEP Student Services Officer.

Virtual Internship Program

Virtual/Remote internships offer you the chance to gain professional experience at a global organization no matter where you are in the world. TIG Virtual/Remote internships include career advancement training and a keynote speaker series, and are a great way to get international exposure and professional development while balancing your other commitments. Click here to learn more.

Application Instructions

Applications are due 6 weeks before the intended start date for virtual programs, and 4 months before the intended start date for in-person programs.

Because these programs are meant to be full-time internships, students are not advised to apply/participate in other ISEP programs for the same term. We can assist student applications if they would like to experience each program consecutively (before/after studying abroad).

1. Submit your application through ISEP to receive the ISEP student discount of $200 off.

2. The application is free, and will take you to our partner The Intern Group to schedule an interview with their admissions counselor. You’ll discuss your previous experience, your field of interest, your career goals, and what you hope to get out of an internship.

3. The admissions counselor will send your documents to the placement team, and they’ll determine if they can find you a placement in one of your top 2 fields of study. If they can, they’ll offer you a letter of admission, guaranteeing you an internship in one of your top two fields.

4. On your letter of admission, there will be a link to pay your deposit (800 British Pounds) to secure your spot in the internship program (TIG programs are very competitive, so we recommend submitting your deposit within 2 weeks of receiving your acceptance letter to ensure that you’ve confirmed a spot on the program).

5. After you pay your deposit, you’ll be assigned an Intern Group program advisor, who can help you prepare for interviews.

6. Half of your remaining fee is due within 30 days of enrollment.

7. You’ll interview with prospective internship sites (usually the first one is the best match)

8. Secure your internship. You will be asked to pay the remaining balance within 21 days of having your internship role confirmed.

9. Orientation & start your internship!

Start Your Application!

For Coordinators: TIG Internship programs do not affect the exchange balance and do not use ISEP’s application process. TIG programs are not the same type of program as ISEP Exchange and ISEP Direct programs, and students will be billed by TIG and work with them directly. The internship application is facilitated by a separate system and will not be accessible on the ISEP Portal so our University Relations Manager will contact you whenever we receive an application from one of your students. While you will not be able to access or track their application directly, you can let our team know if you have any questions or would like an update on their application and we can assist.