ISEP offers programs in more than 50 countries around the world. Where to begin?

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## [Africa & The Middle East](/africa/)
Study Abroad In Africa & The Middle East Spanning from cosmopolitan cities on the Arabian Peninsula to the beaches and cliffs on the southern coast of Africa, ISEP offers programs across incredibly diverse landscapes and cultures.

## [Asia](/asia/)
Study Abroad In Asia From the mountains of North India to Indonesia’s thousands of islands, ISEP offers programs in ten different countries. Practice your Chinese language skills in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Indulge in the food, lively cities and coastlines of Thailand or Vietnam. South Korea’s blend of modern tech an…

Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

Study Abroad In Australia, New Zealand & Oceania Oceania is where global centers for business and culture meet dynamic landscapes and tropical wilderness — it’s no wonder this part of the world is an incredibly popular study abroad destination.


Study Abroad In Europe Reaching from the Arctic Circle to the Strait of Gibraltar, from the British Isles to the Black Sea, Europe offers breathtaking scenery along with unmatched opportunities for language learning and international travel.

North & Central America

Study Abroad In North & Central America The North American continent offers distinct cultures reaching from the Canadian Rockies to the surf breaks of Central America.

South America

Study Abroad In South America For a comprehensive experience abroad combining language learning, vibrant city life and adventure, look no further than South America.

United States

Study Abroad In The United States Studying abroad in the U.S. with ISEP allows you endless opportunities for immersion and exploration at one of over 140 public or private institutions across the entire country.